Three tips for choosing a hardwood flooring color

Three tips for choosing a hardwood flooring color

When you opt for engineered wood or solid hardwood flooring, the choice of color and plank size affects the room's overall ambiance. Therefore, you want to be sure to select a plank style that complements your home decor theme and decorating style. Keep the following tips in mind when you shop for wood flooring at Haus Of Floor Decor in Big Bear Lake, California.

1. Very light and very dark colors are a good choice.

Darker hardwood colors elevate a rustic or a traditional and elegant interior design, while lighter wood flooring tends to blend seamlessly with more modern room decor. Today, the darkest and lightest hues are trendy. Use wide planks to enhance a rustic look and narrow planks, measuring 3-inches to 5-inches, for more sophisticated room designs.

2. Light colors make a small room look bigger.

In addition, narrow planks draw the eye down the entire length of a room, making the room appear larger than its actual size. Wide planks, too, can make a small space look more spacious. Or achieve the same effect with light-colored wood flooring. While dark wood does the opposite, balance can be attained with light walls and furnishings.

3. Lighting affects how planks look in a room.

The color of a plank will differ when it's exposed to natural light instead of the artificial light found in a store. You want to be sure you like the color of your favorite brand regardless of weather conditions, too. Also, remember that dark hardwood absorbs sunlight rather than reflects it, so it's less likely to fade than lighter wood.

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